Like 13a before it, the crew tests out our very own Gnome's next big game!

Fellowship on Drive Thru RPG

Fellowship 2: Bungo Bullroarer is Dead!

The Fellowship failed. This won't be an easy journey. Bungo Bullroarer has, to all accounts, fallen, and the remaining heroes drag themselves back to the ominous keep overlooking the recently-burnt town. There, they muster their courage and triumph over the Overlord's remaining garrison and learn the first details of her plan. However, corruption now spreads to all four corners of the world. If the Fellowship doesn't hurry, their quest will be over where it began. As dead as Bungo Bullroarer. Heh, heh.

Fellowship 2 Tabletalk

Discussion of a colossal failure, character management, and internet history. Plus some Undertale spoilers (timecodes in the podcast)-- everyone's doin' it.